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Brand, Identity, Logo: the Differences, Part 1


This is the first of what I plan to be a two-part series, wanting to help small and at-home businesses get a better idea of what a logo is, and how knowing these differences can help their businesses grow.

Logo for some barter, or creative payment

Small and at-home businesses should consider some alternative, creative ways to “pay” for a serious, high quality logo.

On a Personal Note

Passion vs. Agenda

I tend to be a very passionate person. If there is something that strikes my interest, I find myself researching it, reading all I can about it, telling my friends and family about it, trying to help others to catch the same passion for it that I have. You could say that when I’m passionate […]

Does your bowl have enough?

I’ve been seeing it a lot lately. The memes about that lady at the grocery store talking on her iPhone while using food stamps or cash aid. The stories about the MediCare patients who you see at the ER because they seem to have a cold and are wasting our tax money and keeping us […]

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Some possibly helpful tips . . . maybe

Some tools I use

Just for fun I wanted to jot down the various programs I utilize for my regular designing, writing, coding, research and so forth. And if you have your own special programs you use, drop in a comment. I’d love to see what you like to utilize yourself. While I predominantly use a Mac, I also work on a PC on occasion. Some of these programs are only on Mac, others will be cross-platform.