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Design Discussions

Brand, Identity, Logo: the Differences, Part 1


This is the first of what I plan to be a two-part series, wanting to help small and at-home businesses get a better idea of what a logo is, and how knowing these differences can help their businesses grow.

Logo for some barter, or creative payment

Small and at-home businesses should consider some alternative, creative ways to “pay” for a serious, high quality logo.

On a Personal Note

Thoughts on a Consistent Pro-Life Idea

I have had some thoughts about being consistently pro-life. These are some of those thoughts, and not making any mention of the death penalty. These have to do with how as a community we look at mothers, children, and families.

Rachel Held Evans goes Episcopal…so what

Just some brief thoughts on Rachel Held Evans and the news of her going Episcopal.

Previously . . . on Twitter

    Some possibly helpful tips . . . maybe

    Some tools I use

    Just for fun I wanted to jot down the various programs I utilize for my regular designing, writing, coding, research and so forth. And if you have your own special programs you use, drop in a comment. I’d love to see what you like to utilize yourself. While I predominantly use a Mac, I also work on a PC on occasion. Some of these programs are only on Mac, others will be cross-platform.