Pacifists, non-pacifists, and What would you do?

Christian Pacifists (or non-violent or non-resistant practitioners) get asked by Christian non-pacifists (for lack of a better

How should we respond to ISIS?

I know there are some who see ISIS and their murderous activities in Iraq as further evils of Islam. Keep in mind, though, tha

A nice free font: PROMESH

Here are some players to watch in this World Cup. Here’s another great free font that you may be able to utilize: PROMES

Graphic Design Salaries in 2012?

This graphic is both funny and sad. Back in 2012 I was working full time as a graphic designer at a local media company. Even

Was that a kiss? When Kimbrah and I got married.

Our first kiss as husband and wife was the stuff of legends. In our family at least, as legends go. You see, our kiss wasnR

Tips for Non-Designers: Sketching and Sketching

For info about this series, check out Design Tips for Non-Designers. Hope you enjoy it. The first, and what I consider the mo

Design Tips for Non-Designers

I am going to have an ongoing series giving some design tips and techniques to folks who aren’t designers. Hereafter, I

It’s not about Derek Webb

If you think this post is about Derek Webb then you’ve missed it. I sit here, typing away, and listening to Derek Webb&#

Racism should not shock us

I’m somewhat befuddled by the reaction to NBA team owner Sterling’s racism. Today he was given a lifetime ban and

Three named martyrs in Apocalypse i-ii

There are three different and different kinds of martyrs named in the first two chapters of John’s Apocalypse. ThereR

Torture as baptism? Palin, the NRA, and Christianity

I am wondering if there are any fellow brothers and sisters in Christ–who embrace the teachings of our Lord, who called us t

Conference on the Adulterous Woman passage in John

Fascinating. On Saturday (4/26/2014), at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, there was a Pericope Adulterae conference.

The Lion is the Lamb

I saw in the midst of the throne and of the four living  creatures, and in the midst of the elders, a Lamb standing, as thoug

Why was John on Patmos?

That John, the same Apostle who wrote the Gospel and three letters, was the same John exiled on Patmos and wrote Revelations

Farming: the real work

Yet agrarianism, trained as it is in the real work of farming, is certainly attached to the need to work. But this work is alw

He holds the keys of death

Do not be afraid! I am the first and the last, and the one who lives! I was dead, but look, now I am alive – forever and eve