Cover Review: Siege Line

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Siege Line by Myke Cole

A lot of authors and publishers use pre-made covers, as you might find here. Paying anywhere from a mere $70 to $140 will get an author a cover already designed for their book; all you need do is replace the pesky TITLE HERE and AUTHOR NAME pieces with the relevant info. And this cover for Siege Line looks like one. It may not be one, but it looks like one. It has a very generic, quite templated look.

I am not of the mind that a genre drives a design. I strongly oppose the idea that a book’s cover must look like the rest in it’s genre so the reader can get a feeling like this one book belongs with the others. These template-based, generic, and possibly pre-made covers grant an author or publisher no greater benefit than a truly unique, custom-made, personalized cover where the author was involved in the crafting.

Authors deserve better for their difficult work. It’s their love and passion, and that demands the respect of a designer, bringing forth their expertise and passion in support.

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