Cover Review: Looking for Humboldt

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Looking for Humboldt & Searching for German Footprints in New Mexico and Beyond by Erika Schelby

As I look over books, my eyes wait for something that stands out. Whether amazing or appalling. I tend to gloss over the standard, run o’ the mill layouts and concepts. I want to be inspired, to learn, and then push my own work.

This particular cover was not inspiring. And on the whole it’s not bad. This is one of the run o’ the mill pieces. And if it wasn’t for that dangling T, I wouldn’t even be discussing it. I simply can’t stop being annoyed by that blasted T. That is a simple problem that ought to have been fixed, and it would have taken nearly no effort at all to clean that up. The entire title looks a mess now. The top line, LOOKING FOR, is too far to the left, far too close to the H. One can’t help but read Looking for Humbold T. If I was to nit-pick, I’d even bring up the U having too much space around it given the rest of the word.

I don’t like to complain. I really don’t. But this is a case where a few more seconds of care would have made a significant difference. Slight adjustments to the kerning takes the typography from amateurish to good. The cover would have been good. Almost unremarkable, but that would have been better than negatively remarkable.

Published by Lava Gate Press

Cover Designer: unknown

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