Cover Review: Living Life Backward

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Living Life Backward by David Gibson

This one has me intrigued, but not necessarily in a good way. This one is tough. I understand the use of the backwards BACKWARD, and appreciate the addition of the reverse arrows before the author’s name. That was a good touch. But the backwards BACKWARD is something of a given. It’s an obvious choice here; and I’m not saying that’s inherently wrong.

But that seems to be it, and I don’t think it is enough for this cover to do what it needs to do: grab a potential reader’s attention. I would not have gone with the black base. This one needs something lighter or brighter back there, and for the type to be set in a more impressive manner. Backwards letters doesn’t tell enough of the story. It’s an attempt to be clever but lacks the execution to take the cleverness to a higher level.

Everything is done right for what it is. It needs more, however, to step beyond the C average to say it was done well.

Published by Crossway.

Cover Design: Unknown at this time

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