I picked up this text hoping it would present a good case. I don’t like to read only sources and pieces that obviously support what I already believe. I appreciate folks who listen to “the other side” and engage with them. But what I found in Dr. Richard Lee’s The Coming Revolution was an incredibly unbalanced portrayal of the US, with an incredible lack of respect for the study of history.

I understand that the author is trying to present his case that there is a fire (the country being taken control by socialists, etc.) and we need to put it out (“I tend to believe that God may have allowed these tough times to come about so that the men and women of this nation will wake up and reclaim their patrimony.”), and offer encouragement, but he’s obviously “preaching to [his] choir,” to a conservative, Tea-Party base. This book is more of a rally.

But the cost is too pricey. Dr. Lee’s assessment of US history and its role in the world is purely glowing (e.g. “…but where would the world be if it weren’t for the resolute faith and indomitable spirit of America’s pioneers?). Where is the honest look at things like slavery? What about all the wars that the US prompted, and the conflicts they decided to jump into without questioning if anyone wanted them to? What about our role in perpetuating poverty around the globe? And so forth. But instead, Dr. Lee, in my opinion, is forcing his concept of Christianity into the history.

I do not recommend this book. If you are not a Tea-Party backer, if you’re not an evangelical, conservative Republican, who happens to think along the lines of Dr. Lee, and who supports Glenn Beck, then I believe you’d find it difficult to get past the introduction and first chapter.

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