As many of you may already know, Eddie and I have a real passion for history. It was our college major after all. With that being said, it has been very difficult for us to find a history curriculum for the kids that we can truly say we are satisfied with. I have actually been pretty appalled at what passes for historiography in most home school history curriculum. What I have encountered was either a completely idealistic (and therefore not entirely true) retelling of history, history retold from a specific (read slanted) perspective, or “history” that is pure fiction. Needless to say I am willing to have none of the above if those are my only choices. I even threatened at one point to just write my own comprehensive world history for the boys.

Luckily, I found a great resource that is already written, is just what I was thinking of, and can be worked into a really good program for our boys. It is called World History For Us All. When I first looked at the curriculum I was a little hesitant about the obvious evolutionary perspective this curriculum is written from. After thinking about it for a while and discussing it with my husband, we decided that this could also be a perfect opportunity to really express our own values to our children through providing challenging ideas to them. Eddie and I recently watched the documentary “Lord Save Us From Your Followers” and it really struck me how little most Christians know about perspectives other than there own, while those who oppose Christianity seem to know all about what they oppose. It really gave me pause to think of how we can introduce effective apologetics into our children’s hearts and minds. I think this curriculum could be a great opportunity to do just that.

What really sold me what when I read the section entitled “Foundations of This Curriculum” and clicked on some of the links. What I saw was exactly what has been on my heart and mind for teaching world history to my boys. I don’t want them to have an ethnocentric view of history. I want them to truly appreciate where we ALL came from and how history ended up as it has today. Of course Eddie and I are going to have to add to the curriculum quite a bit for the kids to get a truly balanced view of all sides, but at least I don’t have to reinvent the wheel now! I am truly excited about the opportunities this website will offer our family schooling. And all for free!