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Do you support carrying guns into churches?

The issue of carrying guns, whether concealed or not, into a gathering of the church body (regardless of how your congregation meets together, when, where, etc.), is a major one for me. I’ve discussed it before (for example, here) and will continue to do so.

Centurion’s Guild linked to an article from May posted Universal Life Church titled, “Who Would Jesus Shoot?” Read it over here. You should be challenged to think a bit about the subject.

While I have more thoughts to put down on this issue of guns in churches, I thought for now I’d like to throw a poll out and see what the temperature is like. Eventually I’ll place the poll on my sidebar for continued tracking. Please, participate. Give your honest thoughts. Respond to the poll and leave a comment. The five options should be general enough to cover everyone.


  1. carrying guns to church? Wow. You can tell I'm not from the U.S. This is a whole new issue for me, one I never thought was even a consideration. Wow.

    Asked the question of whether I would condone guns in church, my answer is an emphatic NO. Well, except in the case where the weapon is being submitted for delivery to authorities to dispose of. :)

  2. toddgrotenhuis

    28 June 2010 at 8:01 pm

    As a pacifist, you might be surprised to find I support the right (i.e. from a legal standpoint) to carry guns into church. That said, I think that Christian teaching and discipleship should discourage it.

  3. Oh, you Canadians. In some states, it's illegal to carry a weapon into a religious place. Some states are going through legislative fights to change that. In states where it's a choice, congregations choose if and how to regulate it.

  4. Not surprised, and glad you brought that up. I've got nothing against the rights and legalities.

  5. I guess I am unsure why anyone would want to bring a gun to church (unless they were law enforcement or something and required to be armed–I have a relative like that). Granted, we only own shotguns in our family, but I still don't see the point…

  6. I grant you a shotgun would be a bit of a stretch to “conceal.” I know of some policemen who carry theirs into a Sunday service while off duty. I know of folks without a law enforcement background who do the same, and they do so for safety and security. Not only of themselves but also of their fellow congregates. If there was an emergency situation (think Colorado last year, the shooting of the abortion doctor in a church, the church arson in Texas), they feel it's their responsibility to be prepared.

  7. Hmmm…this does not seem to be the biblically prescribed way to protect the Church….

  8. I do & have ever since Texas changed the law to allow concealed carry in church. Our pastor, his son-in-law, 3 of our deacons, and several church members do also. In the past few years there have been several church shootings by lunatics that just walk in off the street & not church members. If we are able to stop someone who has pulled a gun and save some lives we have done well.

    In Luke 22:36 we read “He (Jesus) said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.” We know from the incident at Jesus’ arrest that at least one disciple (Peter) carried a sword. I’m sure he didn’t carry it to filet his fish. Jesus knew what things were going to be like for Christians and wanted us to be able to defend ourselves.

    Today the handgun is the sword of the first century.

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