The Value of Life and Gun Control

1) Who are the ones teaching the value of life? 2) What is that “value” considering we live in a culture of death,

Policing Ourselves

This week I attended the last of three court dates to deal with some misdemeanor charges I incurred last May concerning how I

Terrorists keep winning the west

On the one hand, one could say the US along with its “Western” allies is letting the terrorists win. On the other

No obligation to turn the other cheek?

“I’m not obligated to turn the other cheek because I’m not living under the Kingdom of Heaven.” As a d

Thoughts on a Consistent Pro-Life Idea

I have had some thoughts about being consistently pro-life. These are some of those thoughts, and not making any mention of th

Trying My Hand at Textures

Considering offering up some textures. Most free. Some for sale. Check it out.

Rachel Held Evans goes Episcopal…so what

Just some brief thoughts on Rachel Held Evans and the news of her going Episcopal.

Grief Lived-Trigger Warning this is about loss

Warning: This post is about loss.

Passion vs. Agenda

I tend to be a very passionate person. If there is something that strikes my interest, I find myself researching it, reading a

Survey on churches and art & design

A quick survey for a project I have been mulling over. Take a minute and respond, if you please.

Odd Design Requests: eBook for how much?

(Sometimes I check out freelance job forums, just to see if there are any potential leads there. In over 9 years of putting bi

Does your bowl have enough?

I’ve been seeing it a lot lately. The memes about that lady at the grocery store talking on her iPhone while using food

Don’t Assume Commentaries are Right

This is a reminder of caution when reading a commentary. We can’t simply assume they are correct because they have Comme